All photographs are from actual Kansas City, Mo. rental housing

We are interested in our community, our neighborhoods and those who pay a significant amount of their income for housing and deserve safe, habitable places in which to live and raise their families.

What we are about

We want to make housing and neighborhoods a more significant city issue to our elected officials and civic leaders. There is a real, acute challenge facing our community — safe, affordable housing.

WHAT WE plan to do

  • Educate the community about rental housing needs and conditions.
  • Circulate an initiative petition related to interior rental inspections.
  • Encourage Kansas City, Mo. elected officials to take a stronger interest in housing issues.
  • Organize groups to build a strong community constituency.
  • Make affordable, safe rental housing an issue.
  • Provide timely, accessible information on housing issues in Kansas City, Mo.
  • Work with neighborhood leaders to develop a community housing agenda.