Establish a landlord registry

Landlords would be required to register with the program and pay a $20 yearly fee per home they rent.  

Complaint based inspections

The ordinance will establish a special program under the health department.  Anyone in the community can make a complaint, and inspectors with the health department will come and conduct an inspection.  The program is designed to look for health hazards such as mold, rodents, exposed electrical wiring, standing water or sewage, etc.  

There is no charge for an inspection unless a violation is discovered that must be addressed.  Then the landlord will be required to pay fees for each re-inspection until the issue is resolved.  In the rare case that a landlord absolutely refuses to correct the safety issue, the landlord could lose his or her license.  Some of the fees landlords pay will be used to build a fund to assist low income renters who might be displaced due to their landlords negligence.