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Englewood Apartments in Northland

Englewood Apartments in Northland

Kansas City Star - July 30, 2018

By the time Anesa Richardson moved out, this is what she was getting for her $489 a month at the Englewood Apartments on Northwest Waukomis Drive: mold in the closets, an 8-year-old son with worsening asthma and a collapsed bathroom ceiling.

“We shouldn’t have to live like this,” said Richardson, 31, a business student at the University of Central Missouri in Warrensburg. She stayed for six years because she liked the Park Hill School District.

“No matter how many times you complain you get ignored. Nothing gets done at all. Ever,” she said. “It makes you feel helpless.”

The Kansas City pitch - July 24, 2018

Advocates for low-income Kansas Citians were seething as they walked out of City Hall one hot afternoon last August. 

The City Council’s Housing Committee had stomped on a measure they thought would bring some relief to tenants living in dangerous and unhealthy places: a rental inspection program. 

Over two afternoons of hearings, the response to the program — proposed by Councilman Scott Wagner — had been remarkably dismissive. Committee members nicked it to death with a thousand doubts and questions. 

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Residents say the Englewood Apartments have been a mess for years.

It wasn’t until the ceiling of one of the apartments fell and injured a 16-year-old girl that the city took notice and is finally doing something about it.

People from several KCMO agencies were back at the Englewood Apartments for a follow-up inspection Wednesday after touring a few of the apartments Saturday.

City Councilman Dan Fowler said Saturday they found conditions that were “completely unacceptable for people to live in.”

Veronica Johnson said her apartment at Englewood has been plagued with problems since she moved in 6 years ago.


Next Tuesday, Kansas City voters will find a measure on their ballot for a proposed rental inspection program.

The goal is to go after landlords of properties with a lot of issues, some of which could be making children sick. 

Mold is one of the problems that Veronica Johnson has dealt with for more than decade at her Northland apartment.

"And so for what we can do we will try to spray bleach on everything but it comes back even stronger and stronger," Johnson said.