Landlords spend over $75,000 opposing interior inspection

Kansas City landlords don't have a solution about how to deal with "bad landlords" but they have spent over $75,000 to oppose a reasonable response.

Campaign disclosure reports show that Housing For All - a campaign committee formed to oppose Question #1 - has raised over $75,000 to oppose an initiative petition to require interior inspections of Kansas City, Mo. rental properties.

Most of the funds came from out-of-state sources, primarily a $24,000 in-kind contribution from the Chicago-based National Association of Realtors via American Strategies.

Other major contributors include Kansas City Regional Association of Realtors ($17,500), Missouri Realtors ($10,000) and Apartment Association of Kansas City ($8,000), according to campaign disclosure reports filed with the Missouri Ethics Commission.

The landlords are spending over $20,000 on radio ads to oppose Question 1.

Supporters of Question 1 are relying on phoning, canvassing, talking with neighbors and grassroots support to make their case and expect to spend less than $7,500 on the campaign or $1 for every $10 spent by the landlords.

The landlords successfully bottled up an ordinance on interior inspection last fall in the City Council Housing Committee.

Supporters pursued the option of an initiative petition to get a measure before voters for consideration.