Petitioners gather enough signature for KCMO interior inspection ordinance

The Kansas City Mo. City Council will be compelled to consider the Healthy Homes interior inspection initiative petition  as petitioners have gathered sufficient signatures.

The signed petitions were turned in at a public event Tues., Feb. 27th at 3:30 pm at the Kansas City City Hall. Read the media release.

"Just because I'm a renter doesn't mean I'm not entitled to basic human rights," said Diane Charity, one of the Healthy Homes petitioners and a community leader.

The initiative petition started after the City Council failed to move an interior rental inspection ordinance out of committee.

The City Clerk receives the petitions and determines whether there are sufficient signatures. The City council can adopt, amend or reject the ordinance as submitted.

If the City Council amends or rejects the initiative petition ordinance, petitioners can ask the initiative measure to go to voters as originally written.

The initiative process is fully described here.